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For Introvert / Low Energy / Low Confident New Coaches & Online Service Providers Setting Up & Growing Their Business

Are you ready to find a way to achieve your goals with ease?


I'm Lynsey, a teacher, mentor counsellor & coach with a love of writing & a passion for helping others accomplish their goals.

As an introverted person who can get super-distracted, I totally understand the challenges that come with stepping up & maintaining your momentum as you work towards your goals.

I get it - you have a heap of ideas swirling around in your head & you keep starting things but never quite completing them. It's causing you to doubt your ability, to question what you're doing & possibly feeling like your dreams & goals are unattainable.

You may be a new therapist, coach or small biz owner & you're desperate to make the switch, but you still need your current job as you're setting up. Time isn't your friend & everything feels a bit too much. Taking action that is clear, consistent & not overwhelming feels impossible right now!

This is where I can help! As a coach & mentor I help ambitious women achieve their goals in a way that increases their time & productivity & lessens those feelings of doubt & reduces stress.


Do you struggle to value yourself because of your chronic illness?

It can sometimes be hard to remember that we are an individual not defined by our illness. It can be even harder to show ourselves the love & compassion we deserve as well.

Download this free guide & see how you can change your story of yourself.

It's possible to do anything you want - you just can't do everything at the same time.

Ways we can work together

There are various ways we can work together. I offer 1-1 coaching packages which include Voxer / whatsapp support between sessions so that you truly feel like I am with you every step of the way.

I have an online self-paced course Stress management, a 7 module course that helps you overcome & manage stress more effectively, & a Time management mini course packed full of amazing tools & resources.

I will also be launching a membership early Summer for women who are needing that extra support & connection with others who face similar difficulties. Being part of a group like this can be extremely motivating & helps to keep yourself accountable when you know there are others you can lean on & also support.

1-1 Coaching

1-1 Coaching Services.

I offer a range of coaching packages, from one-off single sessions up to a year!

'Your Blueprint To Achieve' A bespoke mixture of coaching calls & daily voxer support to create your blueprint / plan & implement it over 4 weeks. At the end of the 4 weeks we meet again to review & plan next steps.

Online Courses

Take a look at the self-paced courses available for you to download instantly!

Currently available -

Manage Stress with Ease £17

New Coach Toolkit £7

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The Authentic Growth Community membership is perfect for you if you would love to access group coaching, a tonne of resources & a community of supportive women to support you!

Become a member for only £7 p/m

You can also book a free call to talk more!

Open Now For New Members:

The Authentic Growth Community

Join my brand new membership for introvert, HSP, Energy limited coaches, counsellors & online service providers who are working towards their goals in business.

Fortnightly Group Coaching / Q&A Sessions

Group mentors to help support during calls


Access to an ever-growing library of resources

A supportive community of like minded women

Grow in confidence together

Discover ways to manage your time & energy more effectively


Discover how you can streamline your working practices to increase productivity

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading

- Lao Tzu

Are you ready to create a business that works for you?

This year I achieved a distinction in my Masters whilst growing my business & working with clients. I even completed my dissertation 9 months early!

This was down to how I manage my health & energy levels alongside strategies I have in place to ensure that my business continues to thrive

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